It's pretty simple: we help you connect with your audience and by doing so help you meet your business objectives. How do we do it? We take time to get to know your business to devise the right strategy for you. Perhaps you need to raise your brand awareness, position you or your management as authorities in the media or navigate the ever changing digital landscape. We are here to help.


We offer a complete range of digital marketing services from audits, strategy development, content creation and online community management.



The Digital Democracy collective is a bunch of passionate individuals. Whether it is social media campaigns, content strategy or SEO, we pull in the right person for your project. With a core team and an extensive professional network we adapt to suit your unique needs. You could say we are pretty nimble!

  • The power of social media is that it forces necessary change
    Erik Qualman


We do diverse work, from one-off social media campaigns through to social media training.


University of Technology – Sydney (AEC Report)

In 2012 Digital Democracy were engaged by UTS to help research and write a report on enhancing electoral engagement via social media.  The research involved interviewing Australian and New Zealand government departments and making recommendations.  The report is entitled E-Lectoral Engagement: Maintaining and Enhancing Democratic Participation Through Social Media – 2012 


Fairfield City Council

Digital Democracy was engaged to run training for the communication team. The Council were yet to embark on incorporating social media platforms and training incorporated areas such as Governance, Content Planning, Metrics and Measurement and Strategy.



Digital Democracy mentored the MaxMediaLab team to win the eBay Fashion account. This included working on the digital strategy, presentation recommendations and taking the team through the pitch process. The team won the pitch and still hold the account today.


What are the Digital Democracy collective reading and thinking about? Read it here in our blog.

Branding 101’s

Guest Post by Priya Singh Das How important is Branding? “A great brand comes from a place of truth about what a business authentically represents, and about what its products means to its customers. It’s not magic, it’s insight.” What is a Brand? Ever wondered what it is that drives people to queue up outside […]

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Healthcare Content Marketing

A large number of people  share and search for health-related information on Web-based social media. This activity has been increasing over the past 10 years and yet to date we have known little about who is posting and what information they are sharing. Recently a study based in the United States was published in  J Med Internet […]

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Dark Social: What it is and how to harness it

I was training a pr company in digital marketing last week and one of the team asked ‘What is Dark Social? We had just discussed Black Hat SEO so the dark! theme for the morning was really hitting its straps. Dark Social is simply the sharing that happens off social networks. This could be sharing a […]

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Medical Marketing News Wrap up

Medical marketing and public health is one of our passions and over the past two weeks these were the stories we were following in the news: 1. Brazilian Journalists Delve Deep Into Digital  Journalists in Brazil covering the Zika virus have been using Facebook video debates with scientist, data visualization projects and infographics to show […]

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Healthcare Content Marketing Masterclass

Yesterday I had the good fortune of running a Healthcare Content Marketing Masterclass for the Remarkable organisation. The organisation is Australia’s first disability focused impact accelerator. They work with inclusive startups to support them with mentors, masterclasses and user testing. The 16 week program is tailored for startups looking to build suitable enterprises that have […]

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