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Feed the Newsfeed says ComScore

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Internet marketing research company ComScore released a white paper this week that detailed which Facebook features receive the most usage and where users interact with branded content. The report showed that: -27% of Facebook browsing is on the news feed and home page –  21% of time was spent on profiles, -17% on Photos, -10% on applications, …

Why Fans are members of sites and how it can affect your bottom line

A recent report from  Chadwick Martin Bailey and iModerate found that social media friends and followers ‘feel more inclined to purchase from the brands they are fans of’.  The highlights of the report were: More than one-half of Facebook fans said they are more likely to make a purchase for at least a few brands, …

Facebook Promotional Guidelines


Ever thought about running a promotion on Facebook? Did you realise Facebook has guidelines regarding promotions? You can read them here It is important to do so to ensure you are complying with the regulations.