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Patient 2.0 – Mayo Clinic myCare app

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App for patients while they are in hospital They can do self assessments each day but also they can get information for their recovery programs while in hospital. It is cloud based and the patient can give access to the information to family members It is not connected to electronic health records currently To motivate […]

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Patient 2.0 – live blog – intro session

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The first session of the health conference starts today and is Patient 2.0 In this session a variety of innovations will be showcased that deal with the health sector and patients. The innovations are being rated by the panel on elects such as patient user experience data handling, engagement and retention and others. There are […]

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PwC Report: ‘Social media “likes” healthcare – From marketing to social business

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Recently PwC Health Institute released a report entitled ‘Social media “likes” healthcare – From marketing to social business.  The report examined how healthcare in the US and Social Media interacted. These were some of the Findings: PwC believes that Social Media typically consists of four characteristics thathave changed the nature of interactionsamong people and organizations:user […]

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Boost Facebook Fan Engagement with the right questions

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As I am currently teaching Social Media and doing research with the UTS I am always keen to see what other academic institutions are publishing in this area. Recently WaveMetrix produced a report looking at Millenials and Facebook online engagement produced by a range of academics. They found that  questions that include the following  elements can help […]

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Consumer Health Site Launched in Australia

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This month a new Australian website entitled Patient Opinion was launched. The site asks health consumers to submit their experience good bad or ugly to the site. The owners of the site are were founded in the UK in 2005 and since then has grown to be the UK’s leading independent non-profit feedback platform for health […]

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2012: State of Social Media Marketing

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This week the State of Social Media Marketing by Awareness was released. This is an annual survey (US based) looking at a range of social media questions to gain insights into what is changing in the social media arena. Some of the insights included: The underesourcing of social media within organisations still presents a challenge. […]

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Social Media and Pharmaceuticals – AE Reporting

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This week it was reported in a study by Visible Technologies  that ‘only a tiny percentage of all posts across social media sites rise to the level of the Adverse Event Reporting (AER) government mandate. The AER requires that companies explain negative side effects from the use of a drug in a clinical trial. Only .3 percent […]

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Mouthwash Recalled But Online Crisis Comms Looks Anything but Fresh

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At 5.55pm today News online ran with a story Mouthwash Recalled Over Bacteria Scare. My first thought was to view the Colgate Palmolive website where I expected to find at least a news item or ticker regarding the issue.  But nothing. I then went into the actual product page for Savacol once again nothing! Next […]

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Twitter Stories – A new way to connect

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We have always known that Twitter is a powerful online platform think large scale political revolutions through to smaller charity wins. Well this week Twitter launched Twitter Stories to showcase interesting and innovative uses of the social media platform. Twitter said on their blog “Each story reminds us of the humanity behind Tweets that make […]

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